future TO member?

Why We Ride <----click and watch video

............there's more to it than just looking the part.

Things You'll Need:

* balls, brains and the ability to leave your temper at home.

1. First and foremost, you need to decide if you are even remotely ready to participate in the MC world. You must ask yourself these questions. What is your family situation? Your employment situation? Your own state of mind? Being mentally ready and focused is the only way to survive in the MC world.

2. MC's have their own set of rules that they live by. Some clubs may be family oriented, and others are not. You must decide what type of club you fit with. If you want to ride on the weekends with the wife after sunday church you better, check out a motorcycle ministry or RC (riding club).

3. After deciding what you want out of this "lifestyle", you need to find out where the club hangs out. Approach one of the members and respectfully ask to "hang-around". They will let you "hang out" and get to know you. You may go on runs with them, party with them and do other activities. This phase will last a maximum of 2 months for Toronto Wings. This period is for the club to get to know you. If you have what it takes you are encouraged to become a member.

4. After "hanging around", a Toronto Wings chapter member will ask you about joining. You can ask any member about the joining process. They will assist in mentoring you in the "laws of the land" and be someone who will answers questions you may have or refer you to some other member for assistance.

5. Respect is the most important thing in the MC world. Remember that this "lifestyle" is not a fly by night deal. It is a LIFESTYLE not a fad nor trend. Just remember why the dog hangs his head out the window and how you pull him back in. Your friends in the club will always be there to "pull you back in too" .