This is the method we've used to haul Gold Wings to Rallies for over 10 years and it has worked extremely well for us for over 200K miles. We understand there are some that use other methods, but, this one is what has worked for us and was developed after hauling our off road and/or race motorcycles for many years in pick ups and trailers, before starting to haul our Gold Wings to Rallies.

We recommend using soft ties to attach to the motorcycle, this allows an easy connection of the tie down strap to the bike. We also recommend the use of a quality front wheel chock. There are several available, be sure it is securely attached to the floor of the hauling vehicle.

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We use a total of 6 tie downs and 6 soft ties. "Loop" a soft tie around the fork tube and over the lower triple clamp on each side, hook a good quality ratchet tie down (Ancra) to the soft tie and pull out and forward to the tie down location (this should be about 24 inches outward from the center of the front tire and just forward of the from of the tire, if possible. Repeat this on the other front fork. Tighten these so the forks are over 1/2 collapsed.

Remove the side cover to access the frame. Loop a soft tie around the frame as in the photos and attach a ratchet tie to it, pull outward and forward to a tie location that is 12-18 inches forward of the attachment point on the bike. Repeat this on the opposite side. Tighten these straps evenly on both sides.


Go back to the front straps and retighten them, then the center ones and finally the rear ones. It is also important that after 25-50 miles, check and re-tighten all straps. This should be done at each stop or every couple of hundred miles, especially if the road are rough. The attached photos should help with these suggestions, and they are suggestions, we can not guarantee that your motorcycle will not be damaged in some way, it is your responsibility to be sure the motorcycle is properly tied down and is secure.