GWTA Chapter T

Monthly meeting minutes

Date: May 17 2007


Hosted by:  Joan & Tom

Next meeting date:  June 14, 2007

Next meeting host:  Sam Grzesh 

Minutes scribe:  Sam Grzesh

 Regrets:  Rose, Linda

 In attendance:  Alex, Geri, Sam, Tom, Paul Cuddy, Tammy, Bobby, Kevin, Nedda, Joan


Thank you to Joan and Tom for their generous hospitality.



 Kevin proposed that club should obtain red T-shirts/golf shirts and club crests that would be worn by members when we meet on coffee nights and other special meets. Discussion was held on that topic. Paul Cuddy suggested that a kit be made up for members to purchase. This would include patches, rockers and other club paraphernalia. Kevin will look into getting the Toronto Wings patch made up.


Bob will attempt to find a supplier of red golf shirts with black trim.

Linda will look into buying crests (10” size)


Kevin will provide a template form for name tags of members.  These could be worn at special events with other regional clubs.


Nedda proposed that Chapter T honor Father William by paying for his GWTA membership.


Special thanks:

Rose, Linda for working on June/July e-magazine, KICKSTAND and the club ride calendar for June, July and August.




Sun May 20:             Scenic ride to Highway 507 (near Peterborough) was abbreviated due to bad weather.


Sun May 27:            Kevin was ride leader for Chapter T to Newmarket for the MADD charity ride


June 3:

Kevin will conduct a rider Education session (Part 2) at the HONDA head office on Milner Road.  Kevin will find out from Honda if refreshments and/or promotional items will be supplied by HONDA.

Kevin will invite the Pickering Chapter to participate in the Rider Education.

Nedda will e-mail members to find out who will commit to participate


June 20 – 24:  

Friendship Rally

Kevin is on the organizing committee and he estimates that 200 people will attend. Flyers and registration sheets were made available to all. Kevin and Pat, Alex and Geri, Nedda and Bobby have already registered. All members are encouraged to attend for a weekend of fun and great riding in Bracebridge June 20 to 24th.  


Other suggestion for summertime ride fun:


Sam suggested a “summer stock” theatre ride

Kevin suggested an organized picnic ride. 



Allan, Steve, Bob and Lionel attended the OPP Safety seminar presented by the Orillia OPP.


Most Significant topic:  Be very cautious and alert at intersections

Some stats:     


Highest motorcycle incidences occur at 3:00 PM on a sunny summer day.

            1/3 of motorcycle accidents are due to excessive speed for riding conditions

            ½ of cyclist accidents are due to automobile drivers turning in front of motorcyclists.


 Meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM