GWTA  Toronto Chapter Minutes      May 25th 2006

Welcome: Thanks to Al and Robin for hosting and all were welcomed.

, Bill, Bob, Rose,  Kevin, Steven, Tammy, Alex, Geri, Robin Nedda, Al, Jeanie, Geri,
Regrets: Linda, Tom, Joan, biker Bill,

Committee Reports:
Treasurer:   13  people present   Treasury has a healthy balance

Stores:        To order rockers we need 4 people interested.  Steve + Tammy want Rockers.  If you want rockers   

                     contact Linda to be put on list

         Newsletter:    Thanks to Joan for her article about spring warm up…it will be in July edition of newsletter 
                                   along with  with Kevin’s photos. Thanks to Kevin, Pat and Nedda for taking the photos.

   Jeanie will write an article about her riding trip and experience on the “paper clip ride”
                    Those who went are asked to please submit some photos to us to supplement  the article

Spring Warm Up – It was a great success and enjoyed by all.  Thanks were extended to Kevin again for his 

    excellence and thoroughness.  Discussion was held around the format of next years spring warm up.

    Honda is considering renting the Markham fairgrounds or using its new Honda plant location for next  

    years Toronto spring warm up.  Honda is also considering paying for instructors so we can properly

    host a  spring warm and open it up to our sister chapters.  Kevin has been asked to contact our sister

    chapters and see who are qualified instructors.  Once date is set we can approach them well in   

    advance  and see if they would be interested in assisting us with  this event next year.


            Election of Co director: A Motion was put forth by Bill to elect Kevin as co director of Chapter T.     
            Discussion was held around the need for a co director as many chapter CD’s are aided by their spouse in this capacity.    
            A vote was held. The motion was carried unanimously.


 Saturday May 27 - Festival in Picton, Ontario: demo rides, stunt motorcycles,  music group
                                 trooper, antique bike and car show, Red Knights escorted ride through town

Saturday May 27  Ride for Dad  Cost $25 passenger  (Bill & Steve  going)

Sunday May 28 – MADD Ride  - Pledge sheet and new maps were distributed 

(Bill, Rose, Linda, Kevin) Leave Tim Hortons at 8:30 sharp

June 17, 2006   Poker run visiting motorcycle shops Rose & Linda 


June 17 2006 Potluck BBQ/Meeting  Bob & Nedda can’t attend Billers & Geri O will confirm

Nedda & Kevin will create a potluck sign up sheet.  Kevin will supply hamburgers and buns.  That means condiments, drinks, salads, desserts etc are all up for grabs.  Kevin will also need assistance in setting up.  Tom will be our grill man

Summer rides(from last month’s minutes)
              Thursday evenings go for rides…

7:30 leave and location on web or email.  Our start date to implement this will be????

                  Nedda will confirm wed dates for Petes donuts in July and August so we can put in our ride calendar

Other Business

Kevin is going to Americade and offered to “bring things” back for people.  Send him an email with request and give him American money.  Kevin also will pick up name tags and several small

GWTA name tag crests.  If you want name tag email Kevin a description of what you want on it.

Next meeting discuss first aid and cpr safety

Bob Lash shared he has a dvd and mannequin people could borrow to learn cpr

Nedda will look at availability of hotel for our Bancroft ride in August.


Future Meetings

Kevin  house  June 17thth            July  20th Tammy and Steve Daiters         Aug  17th Jeanie and Warren