Welcome and thanks to Nedda and Bob for hosting the meeting.

Present: Tammy, Stephen,  Bill Hobbs, Biker Bill, Tom, Joan, Robin, Al, Bob Lash, Nedda, Paul Cuddy, Janet, Sam

 Regrets: Rose, Linda, Jeanie 

Treasurer's report

About $ 270.0 in funds

New Treasurer (Stephen) to add tonight’s donations

Collected monies for Lotto tickets/$2 dues as decided at February meeting.

"Instead of each GWTA Chapter T member paying $2.00 at each Chapter T meeting attended, the Chapter has decided that any member who so wishes will pay an annual amount of $25 once per calendar year payable by the end of March each year to form part of the Chapter's cash assets subject to payment for the lottery tickets as noted below.


From the amount collected the Chapter's Treasurer or his or her designate  will purchase $2 worth of lottery tickets each week. Any winning proceeds will be immediately divided in equal shares amongst the active Chapter T members who have paid the annual amount prior to the purchase of a winning ticket. Each member who has paid the $25 prior to the purchase of a winning lottery ticket will be considered to be an active member for the purposes of participating in lottery winnings. The Treasurer's records will determine eligibility.


Chapter T members who do not wish to participate as active members will be expected to pay $2 at each meeting attended but will not participate in any of the aforesaid lottery winnings."


Biker Bill has volunteered to purchase one ticket per week for the Saturday draw and have the results for us by the following Thursday.


Newsletter Editor

Paul H. needs articles, pictures. phaberman@sympatico.ca

Detroit trip and other events


Spring Warm Up

Will be at Honda Canada on Milner Ave.

Chapter would like full Level Three Rider Education (full day)

May 27 ? ?

Honda would like a special event later in the summer with tours of Alliston car plant, demo rides, seminars, vendors etc.

Would like input of what we, as motorcyclists, would like to see at a Honda sponsored event. Be reasonable.

See Kevin with any ideas or comments.


Rider Education

Available at the friendship Rally in Bracebridge June 20 – 24

Level Two on Thursday and Friday

Level One, Seminars Friday, Saturday.



April 1 -          Chapter Directors meeting, everyone invited

          Will be an Interesting meeting

          Held in Newmarket, 9:00a.m.

          Contact Kevin or Nedda if you would like to go and directions

          Will discuss Regional Director appointment process

          Rider Ed, Friendship Rally


May 6-          Ride in Lunch in Penetanguishine

          Nedda has tickets ( $ 15.00 )

          All Chapters invited to attend

          No tickets at door, prepaid only

          Must purchase ticket by March 29 coffee night.

          Usually our first Chapter Ride


May 27 ?-           Spring Warm Up – Level Two Rider Ed


June 4 - 10         Americade, Lake George


June 20 – 24 Region Rally

          Rally for Region J members (that's YOU!)

          Hotel based, Riverside Inn, Bracebridge

Registration forms, Flyers, information available,

Contact Kevin (is on Rally Committee) kevw@interlog.com


Summer Ride Ideas

                    Day rides



                    Need some suggestions, organize a ride.

Manitoulin Island Trip

Still several people (other Chapters) asking about Manitoulin

August 3 – 6 , 2007

Kevin will have more information next meeting or coffee night.


Other Business

Thanks to Tom for referrals to insurance company


Future Meetings

April 19 – Stephen and Tammy

May 17 – Tom and Joan