Toronto Wings / Chapter T


Monthly Meeting

Jan 22, 2009

8:00 pm.

Host: Parkway Honda Power House

Thanks to Marc Franz, service manager of Parkway Honda Powerhouse for hosting the meeting.

Nedda also thanked Nick, Kyle and the President of Honda Powerhouse. Thanks to Paul Cuddy for arranging the meeting with Parkway Honda Powerhouse.

Parkway HONDA Powerhouse provided a variety of foods—mini-sandwiches, vegetables, delicious mini desserts and various beverages.

Members Present: Nedda & Bob, Kevin, Stephen & Tammy, Sam, Tom & Joan, Rose & Linda, Bill Hobbs, David & Susan, Paul Cuddy, Andy, Bill Hailwood, David Hollinsworth, Catherine and Roy, Elaine and Peter.

GWTA Visitors present: Bill Axworthy, Region J co director; Jason Choy, Pickering Chapter; Dana Osborne, CD Newmarket Chapter; Marvin Haggith, Newmarket Chapter

Meeting Opening:

Nedda called the meeting to order by thanking our host for sponsoring tonight’s meeting and welcoming our GWTA out-of-town guests and in-town guests.

Treasurer's report: Steve Daiter reported that the cash on hand was $342 + twonies collected from members.

Nedda also introduced Marc Frantz, Service Manager of Honda Powerhouse to our members.

Marc welcomed our chapter and it’s guests to the dealership. He provided some souvenirs – caps, crests, bike kickstand pads and pins.

Genuine Honda riding jacket and gloves were donated to the club. It was decided to hold a draw to decide the winners. Bill Axworthy won the Honda jacket. Andy Reti won the gloves.

Marc stated that the grand opening of the new motorcycle sales, service and storage facility is targeted for early spring. Marc also stated the Parkway Honda Powerhouse will give a 10-15% discount on parts installed on bikes serviced in their new facility.

Marc conducted a detailed tour of the future motorcycle service area, motorcycle storage area and additional showroom. He was made aware by some members that they would appreciate it if certain service requests such as oil changes, flat tire repairs could be done within 24-48 hours. He duly noted the criticality of such service due to the short cycling season and will strive to deliver such service in order to attract and keep new clients.

Marc also welcomed our chapter to the use of his facility for special club events and for a start-up location during the riding season.

Newsletter Editor's report:

Nedda thanked Linda and Rose and all contributors for another excellent monthly e-newsletter emailed to all members.

Linda and Rose humbly accepted the praise and requested that all members are welcome to send literary items of interest for future KICKSTAND editions.

Nedda and Bill Axworthy thanked Kevin and all members who volunteered to work at the booths during the Dec. and Jan. motorcycle Exhibitions.

Nedda welcomed Bill Axworthy to talk about the following topics:

Nedda welcomed Marvin Haggith who spoke about his research re motorcycle insurance in Ontario. Marvin provided Contact information that is printed on the bottom of tonight’s agenda.

Kevin spoke about the Ride In Buffet of Region J and handed out flyers for the event, which will be held in Penetang, Ontario on May 3. Nedda announced she had tickets available for that event.

Nedda and Kevin also promoted the GOLD RUSH XXI convention, which will be held at the Lexington Convention Centre in Lexington, KY. It was stressed that each person should make hotel arrangements immediately to ensure obtaining close accommodation to the event.

Bill Axworthy announced that 59 GWTA Region J riders and their guests, as of this date, would be attending the convention. He also stated that meals at the hotel will be very competitively priced for this occasion and that there is a campsite called the HORSE PARK for those who will be camping.

Bill also emphasized the unity of GWTA to welcome future members who ride bikes other than GoldWings.

In response to question from Susan concerning attendance: Bill stated that about 1500 – 2000 people would be attending the event.

Paul Cuddy stated that he would be developing a scenic, mostly off-freeway route to the GOLD RUSH convention. Kevin suggested that the attending riders would be divided into small groups of 3-4 cyclists; each group may travel at their own comfortable speed. Riders should notify Paul about their group preference.

Paul Cuddy also reminded those members who pledged to buy on-board air compressors to send him their payments of $131.50 each. This also includes the installation of the compressor on the motorcycle. This is a discounted from a list price of $199. The compressors will be installed at the vendor’s facility in Woodbridge, ON with an appointment at a later date in early spring.

Paul Cuddy invited all to attend the bike show in London, Ontario on Saturday, February 7 with him. Car-pooling will be arranged.

Andy Reti volunteered to write an article for the April edition of Touring News about our liaison and tonight’s meeting at Parkway Honda powerhouse.

Nedda announced that she has the GOLDRUSH XXI draw tickets for sale.

Nedda distributed Americade literature.

Kevin talked about Chapter T’s spring “warm-up” and invited all other chapters to participate.

Kevin committed to email all members to collect orders for the long-sleeve version of our club shirts.

Committee reports:

Proposed Feb. (mid-winter) trip Geneva Park, near Orillia, has been cancelled due to low response.

Paul will draw up a scenic route to GOLDRUSH.

Upcoming events:

Sat. Jan. 31:

Chapter F - Pickering has invited us to join them on January 31 for dinner at Gretsky's and Theatre at YukYuks next door.

Wednesday Feb. 4

Chapter K - Newmarket has invited us to join them on Wednesday February 4 for a presentation by about using synthetic oil. Please let Nedda know if you'd like to attend as carpools could be arranged for that evening.

Newmarket at 7:45pm at the Newmarket Community Centre on 220 Doug Duncan Drive, usually Hall 4

Future Meetings:

Feb. 19 Stephen & Tammy Daiter hosting

Mar. 26 TBD

Future Event calendar dates for May & June

May 3 Ride-in Lunch in Penetanguishine

Chapter Spring “warm-up” for rider safety.

Last weekend of June Friendship Rally in Peterborough