GWTA Toronto Wings Minutes               Jan 19, 2006       


Welcome:                    Thanks to Bill H for hosting and presenting us with edible delights.

                                    present: Bill H, Rose, Linda, Bob, Kevin, Nedda, Bill, Joan, Tom. 

Committee Reports:

Treasurer:         The charter membership was paid.   The charter cost has doubled since last year. We still have healthy balance 

            Newsletter:       -Thanks to all who submit photo’s and articles…keep them coming in
                                    -Next Feb Edition with have a “jigsaw puzzle format” which needs to be downloaded to your computer from
                                       the enclosed link.  It will warn you about virus potential.  It is a “clean source” and you can download it safely
                                       to your computer.  I scanned it 3X with virus software. Windows will say it does not recognize compatibility or some
                                       stuff …..its safe and will not corrupt windows or XP….enjoy   and see how long it takes you to put together.
                                    -If you have a picture to be made into puzzle format just send it to us and we will put it in a future edition.
        Dec Bike Show:   Thanks was extended to Kevin for his organization and leadership in planning the bike show.  Kevin will submit an
                                    article to Touring   news about the bike show along with photos. These will appear in our March newsletter.  Thanks
                                    as well to all Toronto Wingers and Wingettes that made this event so successful.

           Jan Bike Show: This was hosted by our sister Mississauga Chapter. Thanks go out to our Toronto members who supported their event. 
                                    Tom deserves  special thanks as be had his bike, trailer and “smoke show” there for everyone's enjoyment. 
                                    Linda attended the Calendar meeting and submitted our Toronto Spring Warm Up date of Saturday May 13th, 2005.

         Veteran’s Ride:   Nedda had emailed our concerns regarding the Beer being sold at the event; not signing waivers for the whole event;
                                    lack of complete event insurance.  The email reply addressing our concerns simply reiterated the facts and therefore it
                                    was decided not to be a part of that event.

Ottawa Social Trip:    Linda has sent an email out to everyone regarding the proposed museum trip to Ottawa from Friday, March 10 to
                                   return on Monday, March 13. If you would like to come up on Saturday and return Sunday that is fine too.  Linda
                                   has the price of several hotels and they start $75+.  Those attending are:  Bob & Nedda, Rose and Linda.  If planning
                                   to attend please submit names by Feb 28 as Linda wants to make arrangements for accommodations. Each member
                                   will make their own reservations.  

Magazines:                 Thanks to Kevin for bringing his motorcycle magazines in to share.  The  Road Runner magazines have been passed
                                  around.   Linda has the current Feb edition and will bring it to coffee.  Bob has one edition as well.  Bill confirmed we
                                  will have this subscription for 2 years. 

Calendar:                    Kevin and others shared information about various rides.  Linda will add this to our calendar and submit info to Bill 
                                  for posting on our website.  It was felt it was good to have several listing of events so there was some choice as to rides
                                 other then the chapter rides.  Information about the Canadian 911 ride can be  found at:

Other Business:         -Rose raised issue about the value and content of the GWTA Touring News and wanted to know if it “paid for itself”. 
                                It was discussed that an electronic format might me cheaper and more  easily “updated” and therefore more current as
                                submissions the would not be needed to be 2 or 3 months in advance.  Kevin felt a “hard copy” had value.  to put out at
                                bike shows and show potential members Rose will contact Bruce Keenon and get more information.  We acknowledge
                                and value the work done by our national volunteers with Touring News and want to see if it is time to “change” format
                                which should make it easier for them as well.
                                -Nedda shared she had contact information from some people who expressed an interest in our Chapter and will follow 
                                up with more contact to them.
                                -It was suggested we look into a training seminar/video class 1 month before our spring warm up in preparation for the warm
                                  up.  It was felt instructors were not booked at that time and it  would be very helpful.

Next Meetings:             Feb 16th           Linda + Rose

                                    March 23rd       Tom + Joan

                                    April 20th          Kevin