Toronto Wings                     February 16, 2006        

Welcome extended.  Thanks to Rose/Linda for hosting

Present: Bruce, William C, Bill, Bob, Nedda, Linda, Rose, Alex, Geri B. Kevin. Lionel sent his regrets

Committee Reports:

Treasurer:        Rockers are all sold.   When we have a request for 4 or more we will place an order for 10. 
We have a healthy balance

 Newsletter: Going well and thanks for all the contributions.  Keep them coming

Spring Warm Up: 
            Proposed date is Saturday May 13th 2006(week end of mother's day)
            -certificate or proof of insurance-still waiting to hear from Honda
             -by next meeting if not heard we will cancel warm up and  run a ride-warm up event

Ottawa Trip:  Linda suggested we stay at Best Western in Hull
                       ( has pool; across street from Museum of Civilization
                       (Kevin+Pat, Billers, Lashes and Rose+Linda are booked there already)
                        Suggested to invite Ottawa chapter for supper?  Nedda will call Ottawa chapter


        Summer Rides: Day, Overnight, Thursday evenings, Week end or longer
                                   Bobby checking for a ride to Stuart in Algonquin Park(near Pembroke)
                                   Bruce checking for Elliot lake while Kevin is to check out ghost town ride
Last year ride suggestions:

        marine railroad(the big chute) near coldwater-north of Barrie(link below)
ghost town
        River Run-Bryce from Newmarket did this....get instructions????Kevin???
        Visit country fairs(need list and dates)
        Milton: Steam reunion (Sept3-5th)
        GPS treasure hunt(Bill has GPS)

        Magazines:  Please pass them around

Other Business

Discussion was held about signing waivers or not signing waivers.  Should we have waivers for chapter rides? 
Decision was not to have them but to be aware of what you are signing for other rides.

Kevin brought patches and pins for the group. 

Next Meeting:

        Tom Norton + Joan Schroeder  March 23rd    416-241-8928    start time:  7:30 pm
        10 Martha Eaton Way  entry code:  304    go to APT #1802
        Park in the north parking lot. Joan needs to phone your license plate to security guard.

        Joan will supply maps for clarity because not accurate on map quest

Kevin’s***note change of Date  April 27th    416-229-9378

         Need host for May meeting?? any volunteers?