WTA Toronto Chapter Minutes April 27, 2006

Welcome: Thanks to Bob and Nedda for hosting and all were welcomed.

Next meeting will put this in place as part of welcoming

Please ensure your cell phones are off or on vibrate. You will leave meeting room to

receive/make calls in order to not disturb meeting.

The designate greeter for late people this meeting will be….

Present: Sharon, Bill, Bob, William C, biker Bill, Linda, Rose, Tom, Kevin, Al, Steven, Tammy,

Olga, Nedda, Al, Jeanna, Geri, Lionel, Regrets: Gerry Offord, Paul,

Committee Reports:

Treasurer: 18 people present

Newsletter: Thanks to Linda and Rose who are seeking contributions for newsletter.

                   Thanks to Pat for her article. Photos, articles, jokes are most welcome etc

Spring Warm Up – Saturday, May 13, 2006. (Milner and Morningside)

            Discussion was held around the following handouts and safety items:

10 riding skill exercises were distributed and a number will be done at the spring warm up.

Several hand outs were given and reviewed: safe riding, how to minimize the risk in a group, riding gear, jackets, eye protection, 

novice riders in 2nd 3rd position in the group Rider Education, who has first aid kits, maximum distance of smallest tank eg virago 180 km,

cb’s, safety vest for leader and sweep, slow steady manner, hand signals, changing lanes, arrive

with an empty bladder and a full tank of gas, arrive 20 minutes early for ride captain discussion.

Calendar: Sunday May 7 - Ride In Lunch – Peterborough Currently have 15 going…

                  Meet at Tim Hortons 8:30 8:45 or ride/route review and instructions. Suggested route is Highway 7.

       Saturday May 13 - Spring Warm Up at Honda Canada on Milner

       Saturday May 27 - Festival in Picton, Ontario: demo rides, stunt motorcycles, music group trooper, antique bike and car show,

                                    Red Knights escorted ride through town

       Sunday May 28 – MADD Ride - Newmarket

Summer rides: Discussion was held around different types of ride formats we will be using this year:

            Day, Overnight, Weekend or longer Thursday evenings go for rides 7:30 leave and location on web or email. 

            Since meeting is May 25th we will look to implement Thursday May 26th

                        Nedda will confirm wed dates for Petes donuts in July and August so we can put in our ride calendar

Other Business

Monthly meeting etiquette - We'll try to adhere to these guidelines:

1.Please ensure your cell phones are off or on vibrate.

2.Please leave the meeting room to receive/make calls.

3. Let's stick to the agenda by keeping disruptions to a minimum - arrive on time;

don’t ring doorbell; you are expected, so come in, hang up coats, shoes and seat yourself

quietly. Social and snack time is at the end of the meeting. Try to arrive early to mingle

and shmooze before the start of the meeting.

5. There will be a designate greeter for those who arrive late. This person will provide you with handouts collect your toonies and update you on meeting so far.

-Bring ride dates so can get posted to calendar. These were discussed in February:

Kevin choose ghost town and date

Bob ride to Stuart in Algonquin Park(near Pembroke) date

Bruce accommodates for Elliot lake August??? -Tom shared his plaque for having won Asian Touring at April Bike Show

-Minutes of last meeting have not been submitted yet??? Rose away for that meeting

Future Meetings

Robin’s house Thursday May 25th Saturday June 17th Kevin’s July ??? need volunteer